Welcome to the new era of spiritual readings. We don't need e-mail or Skype anymore. Ask your questions via your smartphone from everywhere at any time. You will receive the photo of your spread and full explanation. Return to them with time in TarotLive app history, to check results.
Dear iPhone users!
While I am working on iPhone version of my TarotLiveApp, you can ask questions via e-mail and pay via PayPal.
Please, make a payment and write a letter to tarot@tarotliveapp.com. Don't forget to attach your photo and date of birth.
Main topics to ask: relationship, job, travel, education, housing and relocation.

Nikolay Selivanov
Tarot Master,
If I need to solve deeper problem?
If you have a serios problem, you can contact me diretly via form at the bottom of this page. We will disscuss your problem and how I can help you with Tarot. We can meet by Skype. One hour of my work costs 60$. Also, you can write directly on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tarotlive/
You can share your opinion about me and even your spreads on Instagram. Use #taroliveapp so everybody can find it and read it. Thank you!
Feel free to write a letter to me. I really love to communicate with our clients or ask directly in Instagram @tarotlive.
ps: you can send stories about how Tarot helped you. It will be great to know them, so I can publish them on this website.
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