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Nikolay, Tarot Master
I am a professional Tarot master, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Сertified Psychologist, working offline in Moscow (Russia) and abroad online for more than 12 years. The result of divination depends on the level of the Master, as well as his ability to feel the client. If you want to get high-level answers with 100% accurate results, please contact me.

Nikolay Selivanov
Tarot Master of Papus School
Tarot Readings
Usually, people visit Tarragon without a particular question. They just want to know: what's going on in their lives and what is better to do. This kind of readings is only possible in a personal meeting, then I can hear you, see you in person, understand you and make as many readings as needed.

For online worldwide clients, I use another approach, I call it Express Tarot. You ask specific questions from my list filling them with your details. In this case, we both understand what you want to know and you get a 100% accurate answer that will remain true for 4-6 months.
Does he/she love me or not? What does he/she think or feel about me? Should we get married?
Where and when should I better go to a vacation?
How favorable is it to go on working at my current job or should I quit? What is my vocation?
Is it good for me become a parent now? What is the best time and place?
Is it good to buy a house/flat/office? Is it good to moving in/out?
Where shouild I better study? What profession should I choose?
I am helping people.
You are here, so I can help you.

Tarot Reading options and price
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1 hour of Tarot via Skype
1 hour of Tarot at my office
For Moscow (Russia) residents
My life has always been connected to mysticism and esotericism. I learned everything myself, there was no "Gift" descending upon me, it was the hard way of trial and error.

Ask, and you shall receive... the answer.
Thank you very much for the advice! You accurately described my situation and answered all my questions. I made up my mind where to go and what to fear or not. Plenty of emotions from meeting a person who understands everything about you and even more so )))
Mariya Vinogradova
Thank you! Once again I believed in the power of Tarot cards! It only took 15 minutes to tell all about me, the things a psychologist can find in years... All quick, clear and to the point... Now I have a clear mind to make a decision! Once again, thank you Nikolay!!!
Natalia Demenkova
My career was totally flat. While Reading Tarot, Nikolay drew me bright prospects of achievements in the profession. At that time, I saw no prospects at all, and I decided that Nikolay just wanted to cheer me up and told what I wanted to hear. But six months later, I was surprised to find that Nikolay's predictions really came true. Thank you very much for not letting me hang up my nose and providing support!
Olga Kornilova
thank you so much for the balance and help!!! Everything is clear now. I got plenty of info to think over, act straight and change the situation for a whole year to come.
Natalia Kolesnikova
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